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nsgclient just freezes

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I am running nsgclient18_64 (latest version Citrix Gateway VPN client for Ubuntu 18/20) on Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS.
In the previous Version (*) i was able to connect ot my clients VPN.


Sometimes thou it presented an Error Message with a Success Note (see attatchment, "Anmeldung Erfolgreich" translates to "Login Successfull") and didn't connect.

I then had to retry serveral times till it works.


So i updated the Client to and now it just freezes or show the second attatched error with the empty white Box and doesn't connect at all.
There is no error message.
It just freezes.


I have no idea on how to debug/fix this issue.

Any ideas what i should investigate?




Now i tried to downgrade back to the older version but i can not find it online.

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