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Migrating application from TMG to CITRIX ADC

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we have an application we are trying to migrate from TMG to Citrix ADC.


Users are able to get to the app landing page and then when they access specific resource the server prompts user to be authenticated and TMG does this authentication by presenting a log on screen where users puts in their credentials and the information is being passed down to the server and then the specific page is then displayed to the user.   Is there a way to set this up on the netsclaer/citrix adc to do the same and function the same way?



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Either incorporate the app behind Load balancing with AAA for Application Traffic to provide authenitcation, authorization, auditing access for a load balanced application.

OR put app behind the vpn vserver (gateway) feature to provide authentication, authorization, auditing control with a vpn client and vpn tunne.


Provide more information of what your TMG config is doing for more specific information.


Per page authorization can be done but its not as user friendly as some other features.  Its not going to be an exact mapping for this use case.

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