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VDA registers with the wrong DDC

Joel Girard1709163585


I have a test and prod farm and I use the same master image for both environments. I have a 2008R2, 2012R2 and 2016 master image that works on both environments via MCS without any trouble or manual intervention. 2008R2 is powered down as we're removing it and I just upgraded the VDA on the 2012R2 box to 1912.0.6000.6281 and the 2016 box to 2122.0.0.77 which is the same for the 2019 image.


The new 2019 image doesn't work the same way. It'll automatically register with the test DDC but when I move the image to the prod farm and update the prod delivery group, it still tries to register with the test DDC and not the prod DDC's. We aren't using Citrix Policies and we're not using AD GPP's for this. We're just letting MCS do it for us 'automagically' but it's become a huge pain in my rear end.


Note: If add the DDC's to the VDA after I move the image to the prod farm I can get it to register but then I have to always update VDA when I want to update either test or prod which is less than optimal.


Thank you in advance.

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Disable auto-update of controllers through Citrix policy and specify your controllers via a GPP (listoOfDDCs) https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/manage-deployment/vda-registration.html#registry-based


Also keep in mind that the savedlistofddcs.xml file can be a bit painful as well, in some migration projects I have had to set a startup script with a gpupdate and a Desktop Service restart to get passed registration challenges

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Thanks James. I appreciate your response.


I ended up calling Citrix support and we found the problem to be related to a GPO that was somehow adding the DDC from the Test farm, despite it not showing anywhere in the GPO. Once I moved the affected server to a different OU, the problem went away. I ended up backing up the bad GPO, deleting it and then re-creating it and restore the settings and now it's working as expected.


In over 25 years of working in IT and GPO's, I've never come across a GPO with a 'phantom' setting.


Thanks again.

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