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GPO to hide drives on local PC from Citrix session?

Bill Clark1709159029


New Windows Server 2019 published desktops for end-users and I'm trying to find out where to disable showing local drives in the Citrix session.  In the attached image, I don't want those blacked out drives, that are local to the PC where the Workspace App is running, to be available within the Citrix session.  I would prefer to do this via a GPO if possible, or something similar in a Citrix policy would be fine too.  I just can't seem to find where this setting is at.  As a side-note, if I can block the "MCSWCDisk" from showing also, that would be preferred.  Thanks.


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And there it is, thx Carl.  Here is what threw me for a loop.  This setting was already enabled for our current environment running on Server 2012R2 published desktops and was working but I couldn't see that a GPO was configured for it, and looking at Citrix Studio \ Policies, there was just the default policy that had a single setting set.  Looking a bit closer at any and all GPOs that had "Citrix" in the name, I came across one that initially looked empty, but when I expended User Configuration \ Policies \ Citrix Policies, I saw that there was an additional Citrix User Policy configured that had this setting.  Why does that not appear in Citrix Studio?  Is that "disconnect" by design, or am I missing some configuration piece?  Also I thought it odd that when running a report against that GPO, it does not show anything under Computer or User configuration so it appears like a GPO that is doing nothing.

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