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Load-Balancing a HA Papercut Print solution

Ken Z

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Hello everyone


Working with a customer to set up a load balancer on NetScaler for Papercut (Printing solution)

There are two Papercut Application Servers that need to be load balanced. Papercut recommend the load balancing is at L4 with DSR.

This all appears to be configured successfully, with the three ports (9191, 9192 and 9193) set up in the Services section and applied to the load-balancing vServer. The default monitor for each service is "ping-default"

Now the Application Servers are Active / Passive, with only one being active at any time, and there's a health check URL that needs to be run against each server, which is a JSON call to determine which is active at the moment.

The URL is "/api/health/application-server/status?disk-threshold-mb=1&Authorization=xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

I've tried creating a new HTTP monitor with the URL in the HTTP Request field but all I get is Failure responses.

The 3rd party engineer setting up the servers is saying that his end is set up correctly (I'm minded to believe him) so it appear to be a fault with the monitor configuration.


Anyone else ever set up a load-balancer for Papercut and how did you configure the Health Check monitor?




Ken Z

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