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Amount of memory of the ADCs in ADM or CLI

Ozzy Osman

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Is there an easy way to find out the total amount of memory allocated for a particular VPX appliance when looking directly in the ADM portal? I see a lot of information on utilization percentages for the memory metrics but I am interested in the actual resource count. For example, I need to look in ADM and know that a VPX has  4GB or 8GB of total RAM....


I ran the "stat system memory" and "stat system memory -fullValues" commands however the information returned is not what I am looking for... For example, I have one VPX with 16GB of total RAM (as viewed in VMware vCenter) but none of the values returned reflect that. The only thing that I can think of is if there is a BSD Linux command that can be executed directly from the shell that may report this info.


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