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Screensharing with Google Chrome >=109

Guilherme Cardoso



I'm using Teams in a Citrix VDI, using Google Chrome as web client to connect.


When I want to do a screen share in teams, I usually select the current tab (the VDI tab), and everything has worked flawlessly until today.


The problem is that since the latest chrome update, starting in version 109, the current tab is no longer available in selecting what to share when doing a screen share. I believe this is due to "selfBroserSurface" setting, where chrome now defaults to "exclude".


"selfBroserSurface" is set to "exclude" for users to avoid doing the mirror effect, but for the Citrix screen share case, it blocks the screen sharing functionality.


I believe Citrix has to set the setting to "include" so that the screen sharing in teams in a html5 client functionality is back.


If anyone else has a workaround, please say so.


  • Teams version: Citrix HDX Optimized
  • Linux environment:
    • Fedora Linux 37
    • KDE Plasma 5.27, Wayland session
    • Google Chrome Version 110.0.5481.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
      • Relevant Google Chrome flags:
        • enable-webrtc-pipewire-capturer: Enabled
        • ozone-platform-hint: auto



  •  https://developer.chrome.com/docs/web-platform/screen-sharing-controls/
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