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Audit alerts

Manoj Rana

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Good morning Manoj,

there are some ways you can do it but there is no way to send the E-Mail directly from ADC.


1. Setup Citrix ADM, add your Instances and setup Event Rules. You can decide which SNMP Trap is forwarded via E-Mail or SNMP to another Monitoring System.

2. Send SNMP Traps to a Monitoring System which can forward it via E-Mail

3. Send Audit Messages to an external Syslog Server which can forward it via E-Mail


It depends on your company requirements and what kind of systems you already use. Citrix ADM is a nice free appliance to do ADC Backups, manage Events and SSL Certificates! If you want to use more features. you need to buy additional licenses. But these features are for free.


Best regards,


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