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Network Locations not working with Citrix Cloud Workspace and Custom URL

Joe Drew

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We are currently trialling out Citrix Cloud Workspace with an on premise Citrix Gateway along with also using the Custom URL feature.

This will eventually allow us to migrate the DNS name from the existing NetScaler and StoreFront setup and onto the Cloud service instead.


One issue that we have encountered is that the Network Location feature which should allow users that are in the same office as the VDA skip the connection to the Citrix Gateway and instead connect directly to the VDA doesn't seem to work when the Custom URL feature is also being used.


What should happen is:

Internal user > Citrix Workspace > SAML Auth via AzureAD > Launch direct connection to local VDA.

External user > Citrix Workspace > SAML Auth via Azure AD > Citrix Gateway > Launch connection via the Gateway.


What we have found is that when using the included customer.cloud.com address it all works fine and detects that the user is internal and the logs shows Receiver connecting directly to the VDA.

However if we use the Custom URL the Network Location feature fails to detect that the user is on premise and instead presents the standard External user connection which uses the Citrix Gateway.


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