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Time out during TCP connection establishment stage

Amit Goud

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Hi everybody,

I added a snip and specified a netprofile. set it to the servicegroup to resolve the issue of No MIP/SNIP available to send the monitor probe but the few servicegroup have the failure because of the 

Time out during TCP connection establishment stage, Monitor name for the service group is tcp-default.


Can anybody help me with resolution?

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Basic troubleshooting:


Use ping -S <SNIP> <destination ip> 

(use help ping or ping --h to confirm syntax)

to see if that SNIP can reach the destination expected.


Confirm you have a route that supports the SNIP or net profile assigned IP.


You might need to do a traceroute Or an nstrace to see if something else is going on.


Was the NetProfile bound to the vserver, service, or monitor? Is this for lb/cs or something else?


IF some members of a servicegroup fail, then confirm which members are UP/DOWN and remember tcp-default does a syn/syn-ack and confirms port check.  Depending on what you are load balancing, it may not like successive tcp probes.  If you are saying some servicegroups work and some don't, are all the destination ips of the services groups in the same or different network/subnet/vlan and is the SNIP able to route to those destinations?


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Hi rhonda,

Thank you for replying.


Snip could ping all the destination ips

And there is a entry for snip(net profile assinged ip is the same snip ) in the route.
while the nstrace shows me this

> sh nstrace 
        State:  STOPPED          Scope:  LOCAL            Size:  0                 Traceformat:  NSCAP      PerNIC:  DISABLED        Link:  DISABLED         
        Merge:  ONSTOP           Doruntimecleanup:  DISABLED SkipRPC:  DISABLED       SkipLocalSSH:  DISABLED  Capsslkeys:  DISABLED    Capdroppkt:  DISABLED   
        InMemoryTrace:  DISABLED 

and netprofile is bound to all vserver and servicegroups,

All the destination ips are in same subnet and snip in different but both the subnets(destination ip and snip are in the same vlan)

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