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ADC GeoLocation DB updates

Dan King1709154083

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What is the mechanism for ADC to update the GeoLocation DB? From what I have been reading it's part of a firmware update, but the latest updates have a file dated from 2018.

Filename: Citrix_Netscaler_InBuilt_GeoIP_DB.csv

Date modified: 1/11/2018

Current version: NS12.1 65.21.nc

  • Is this an overlooked piece of the firmware update process?
  • Are we on our own now to get and update this info from a third party?
  • Is the ADC supposed to connect via the internet to a source and periodically get these updates?


I am experiencing an issue where a subnet is not listed in the GeoLocation DB file(s), and allowing the source country is not working due to the range missing.

I have created a rule to allow the specific subnet as a temporary workaround.

Image below shows a significant chunk of IPs missing where the green line is; my user happens to be on a source IP in that range.


I found a second file GeoIPCountryWhois.csv dated 11/6/2018 on our ADC.

This file is also missing the range, but has more ranges than the built-in CSV.


References I have used:

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