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User get Light Version after one year instead of native Client without demand

Aaron Pewert1709162771




one year ago, we introduced the Citrix Gateway to our users. Some of the users use the HTML5-Receiver, but most of them are using the native client.

And now after one year, many users reported, that they get the HTML5-Receiver instead of the native-client without any demand or confirmation.

We already have looked it up and seem to found the problem cause: The "CtxsUserPrefrredClient" Cookie. It has an expiration date of 1 year and after that, it will be deleted and so the light version is set to use. (When the "CtxsUserPrefrredClient" Cookie is not present, the Storefront assumes, that the user configured to use the light version)

The other cookies like "CtxsClientDetectionDone" the expiration date, are extended automatically, when you log in.

So is there any possibility that the "CtxsUserPrefrredClient" is also extended, when you log in?


We are Using NetScaler Gateway version 13.1 33.49 and Storefront 19.12 CU1

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