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NetScaler VPX User Home Page

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Is it possible to default the users Home Page for Citrix Gateway to display only the bundle of apps we provide?


For example, we have only one section titled Enterprise Web Access, this section is dynamic based on the group the user is part of. Based on the AD Group, they get access to specific apps.


What we want is instead of showing the Enterprise Web Access group and some favorites, after the user logs in, it defaults to starting in the Enterprise Web Access group.


I have attached an image of the Enterprise Web Access and the default view we would like to see.


I have been trying to figure how I can make this happen, but so far I'm stumped.


Hoping someone has done this before.


Thanks for any assistance that comes my way. 



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It won't be handled by Gateway; if its handled anywhere its in the StoreFront settings.

If I understand this correctly, you don't want your StoreFront to just default to the "Apps" tab, you want it to default to the specified "Featured App Group" folder?


If it is just the apps tab, its in the "Receiver for Web" settings in storefront.


If its for a specific category or featured app group, I'm not sure.

This was a 'category' default for 1811:  https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2019/09/03/how-to-land-on-the-categories-view-in-storefront-1811/

I'm not in a position to see if it works for the latest storefront OR for a featured app group.

But have you tried this method yet?


If you want something different for gateway (external) vs non-gateway (internal) users, for this particular setting, Gateway can get different users to different StoreFront Stores, but this particular display behavior is likely store-specific and so separate stores would be needed. Its not a gateway controller setting.




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You aren't accessing published applications via StoreFront from the Gateway?  

That first screenshot is a store: pub app/desktops/favorites screen.

Its integrated into the Gateway's RFWebUI theme (which is what I think you are using), but the session policy should be pointing to a StoreFront Store location.


If not, then yes I do not know how to adjust that within the gateway theme alone.






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