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"Try Citrix ADC free 90 days" - what did happends? some alternative?


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Building a Lab in VMware and want to learn Netscaler ADC in Deep on Prem.

But cant see any free trial/ or dev version nor any license for testing.

Only some serial for "Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops - Evaluation (90 day)" in MyCitrixAccount

Here´s some screenshot of what was possible to download some time ago:



Really appreciate your answer



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So is this why I get this error when I´m trying to download license by clicking this link?

If this is true:
The worst case scenario, this strategy on the market only eliminate that students contribute to increased the usage and sales of Netscaler

in the real market, when they get an new assignment with a customer. 
To have the opportunity to study and by practicing with the help of lab. And thus increase their knowledge of Citrix, even if with limited financial

resources during the temporary time as a student. In long term, it will probably only  lead to the beginning of decline and decay in the market of 

Citrix products 

-I hope I´m totally wrong about this depressing scenario and this is only a technical issue









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Here´s the answer so if someone has the same problem:

"..Dear XXXXX

Thank you for contacting Citrix Customer service. We are reaching out to you regarding your recent Citrix Customer Service case: xxxxxxxx.

Please note we do not have developer edition licenses anymore for ADC. Any trial / demo license request should be submitted to Citrix Sales. And the authorization to issue Developer edition licenses / trial licenses is out of scope for Citrix Customer service team. 

Hence please contact your regional sales team using the below link: https://www.citrix.com/contact/sales.html"


This is sad because I formerly managed  about 1,400 desktop and apps and and before that I managed 1,000 desktops and

I'm one of the senior technicians that suggest/propose Citrix solutions for IT management in large organizations,

when they start looking at competitors who have less experience with these solutions on the market. Always if the management and Architecture board

lists non-functional and functional requirements where security and manageability ranks highest among these requirements. I recommend Citrix.

So the answer from Citrix shows a lack of knowledge of how the selling process really works out on the market.


Now I am between assignments and want to expand my skills in depth with netscaler (Gateway functionality) so that I can advise a large company in my upcomming assigment

to make the right investment in security. But do I have to pay for setting up a simple LAB for doing this?


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