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Netscaler VPN with Azure Authentication - Session not ending on logout

Rowen Gunn

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I'm having an issue where I've setup a new SSL VPN on my Netscaler VPX and then setup Azure to my by SAML authentication service. Users can log in via web portal and client, everything works, EXCEPT when the user clicks Logoff on the VPN client the session does not end on the Netscaler. The user's session sits there until the 90 minute session profile idle timer expires. This leaves lingering sessions on the VPN as users have logged off from their side by the Netscaler keeps their sessions alive, like it never got the logoff session command somehow.


VPX: 13.1-33.54

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Answer to this was two parts:


In Azure SAML config, enter this as the Logout URL https://vpn.yourdomain.com/cgi/logout

On the Netscaler side, in the SAML server settings page, set Reject Unsigned Assertion* to OFF


After making those changes when users log off the VPN via the client the session ending is now reflected on the Netscaler as well.

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