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Internal webb servers with Netscaler - is the traffic encrypted?


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I have some internal werbservers that using https:// and planning to implement Netscaler.

Incoming traffic by 443----->Netscaler----1443/2598 -->VDA


But if I don't use the gateway functionality, is the traffic encrypted behind Netscaler?


Really appreciate your answer.



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Thanks, but only one question is there any trial or free version of Netscaler ADC available?

Cannot find NetScaler VPX Express which was previously free to use.

And if this product is ended, are ther any Netscaler ADC you can use for a lab with VMware as a trial version.

Here´s what I find in this forum


 But no answer of what you can use instead as a free trial.


Really appreciate your answer




I managed to download NSVPX-ESX-12.1-65.25_nc_64.ovf

But when I´ve look at MyCitrix Account, only this is available:

"Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops - Evaluation (90 day)        Serialnumber:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


Maybe I should start a completly new thread about this?

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