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Remote Desktop gateway Load balancing

Matthew Riddler

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I am struggling to find out if there is a better way to do this than from some articles from nearly 10 years ago.

I need to load balance a remote desktop gateway system, need to isolate all RDP traffic to only come from these gateway servers

There doesnt seem to be a lot out there with regard to this. The best hits are from 2014 ish.


A simple setup has been done with this, but it is only for the SSL portion of it, missing the UDP (port 3391)



It half does the trick, been led to believe that when udp is enabled the connection is much better.


This looks like it will do the trick, but is a very simple setup.
We are using Server 2019 as the RD Gateway boxes & ADC 12.1 as the ADC.


Is there a better way to do this. Ideally I would have a content switch in front, with some filtering to only accept a connection from certain IP's & send to different lb vserver depending on the source.

If not all I need to do is put UDP 3391 also onto the existing content switch, but would need to ensure the user goes to the same RD Gateway box, persistence with source IP?

If I had 2 content switches, one with 443 & the other UDP 3391, both ports are on the same backend server, could persistency be set at the Content Switch side.


Sorry if they seem like simple questions, but not a lot out there for this product (RD Gateway).

This is NOT an RDS farm, just the standard RDP (2 connections) to our servers, but via a proxy effectively.



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