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Desktop Lock app do not work on Thin Client HP T540 12H41EA#ABE

Tecnologias Macson


Good morning,


we've recently adquired through provider onto our enterprise, multiple HP Thin Clients, model HP T540 12H41EA#ABE and installed succefully on to our headquarters and wharehouse.

But we're having trouble with Desktop Lock malfunctioning, as it do not merge correctly with AD and SSO. Those Thin Clients come with a Windows 10 IOT installed.


We've too like 50 retail stores, served with another provider POS PCs (all in one machines) which come with Windows 10 PRO on'em and succefully installed Citrix Workspace + Desktop Lock app and it's fully integrated with our AD + SSO. So it works as expected: open PC, windows login appears, and automatically launches XenApp desktop and SSOing to it and the user never perceives the local machine in any way...


But we cannot proceed onto office and wharehouse HP ThinClients machines.

We've to login to local thinclient desktop (which is locked by HP Write Manager Configuration) and double-click on an desktop icon existing which is a shortcut to a Workspace published desktop.

Or directly through the Citrix Workspace app itself.

And this way, it launches the desktop and SSOing correctly to it. But it's needed to manually launch the desktop. And we want to avoid it like onto our stores with POS PCs.


¿Any idea why or how to proceed?


Appreciate your time and efforts.

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What are the issues you see on the IOT machines?  Do they have all the correct components installed and setup on them?

Take Desktop Lock out of the mix.  From the machine itself can you connect to the citrix sesssion?  Once you get that working, then look at adding Desktop Lock, and the creating the necessary IOT image to deploy for your clients.

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