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Windows Server 2019 & Modifying Default Profile

Bill Clark1709159029


Citrix Virtual Apps 1912LTSC environment currently using Windows Server 2012R2 as a multi-session, MCS deployed desktop(not using Citrix Profiles).  We are replacing 2012R2 with Server 2019, same sort of setup.  I know this is more of a Microsoft question, but I'm seeing conflicting information from Microsoft about this so I thought I'd ask it here.  How have people or is it possible, to modify the "Default Profile" user account in Server 2019 so when Citrix sessions are created on the published servers, all sessions are based off the same profile that has some customizations?  I have a local account created on the master Server 2019 image with various customizations that I want to inject, merge or overwrite to the "Default Profile" account, how can this be done or is that a thing of the past?

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Is your aim to be throwing away the profile at the end of the session? So not roaming it at all (you mention not using CPM)?


If so, VMware optimizer has an awesome feature where it not only optimizes the OS, but also syncs the current profile to the default - so you can set things up how you want and then sync them over to the default for all new sessions


This can help keep initial profile build times down substantially. 

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Depending on your intent, there are different approaches, if you do not save the profiles for the users and cannot "inject" the settings via GPO, you could use Mandatory profiles where you

  1. Create a new Manadory Profile with your settings/configurations/Customizations
    1. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/client-management/mandatory-user-profile
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wenlRCqJQNk
  2. Save the new mandatory profile on a share accessible for everyone
  3. Set the path to the manatory profile in the following GPO
    1. Computer Configuration/Administrative Template/Windows Components/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Desktop Session Host/Profiles/Set path for Remote Desktop Services Roaming Users Profile
    2. image.thumb.png.7d50669e800f78620a565795e614931b.png

But if your users do have a roaming profile, editing the "default profile" will only affect new users. In that case, I would use Carl's recommendations 



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Thanks all for the responses.  The more I look at this type of setup, what we have and what we THINK we want to do, the more I'm inclined to let things be a little more generic for the end-users than planned, and not messing with the default (or mandatory) profile.  Going to do some much needed cleanup on the existing Group Policies before trying to apply them to the new environment so we aren't applying a bunch of old, out-dated or unnecessary changes.  Probably be easier to create new ones moving forward.  In addition we'll nail down the folder redirection options for these Citrix users and continue to use Ivanti Workspace Control for various tasks like folder & application shortcuts to the desktops.  

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