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Launch desktop with same generic user


Hi everyone,

We have a service in production and now we need to deliver it by VDA to the users. We will install the VDA agent and we will publish the desktop to the users. We need that any user is always the same user, i.e. every user domain\user1 , domain\user2 , domain\user3... see the desktop published but always in Windows the user would be domain\genericuser. Would this be possible? I know it's a security problem but we have this need.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Carlos


do you really need to log into the Desktop as the same user? or do you just need to be able to run the application as the same user?

Have you tried creating a batch file that does as "runas" command that starts the program/process as a generic user once the user1/user/2/user3/etc user account has logged in?




Ken Z

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