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Pass-through authentication through Citrix Gateway

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I want to achieve the following: Use Citrix Gateway as the internal connection point and let users SSO into workspace app and start their VDI desktop.



- Gateway: Citrix Gateway has a LDAP authentication policy

- StoreFront: The Store has "Pass-through from Citrix Gateway" enabled. 
- Client: Enabled GPO setting Single Sign-on for Citrix Gateway 
- Client: Add the Gateway URL to Local Intranet zone.
- Client: Configured Local Intranet zone with Automatic logon with current user name and password.
- Client: Citrix Workspace App is installed with pass-through authentication.

- Client: Clients are domain joined.


However users are always prompted with a form-based username/password prompt after clicking the VDI resource in Workspace App. How is pass-through authentication through Citrix Gateway achieved?


question.txt question.txt

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