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Https proxy server traffic failing

David Wilson

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Citrix ADCs in High Availability, hopefully everything is working apart from Https proxy traffic.


2 off NSMPX-5900


NS13.133.49NC  HA 2 Nodes

Citrix Secure Access


Citrix Secure Access Clients connecting, using the vpn option, can't establish a https connection using the internal proxy server, https://www.bbc.co.uk results in "This page is not working ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE", all http traffic is working and being passed through the proxy server, only https traffic fails.  I have had a call open since Aug 2022 with no resolution to date.


Our proxy provider Clearswift Help Systems, Secure Web Gateway 5.4.3, have asked us to install the proxy server's SSL certificate onto the ADCs, to possibly resolve the issue, the only place I can see to install a proxy ssl certificate is on the ADCs under Security > SSL Forward Proxy, which is currently not licensed.


Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Our older ADC, not HA, has firmware version 13.047.24NC works with the same proxy server without any issue and is also not licensed for SSL Forward Proxy. 


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