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Publishing layered image fails with message "A failure occured while publishing the Layered Image: A system Make Directory call failed."

Graham Powell1709163610


I added a new layer to an image and when I tried to compile them I got the error message, "A failure occured while publishing the Layered Image: A system Make Directory call failed."  The only change was that I added a single application new application layer.  The obvious answer would be to remove that layer, but we do need it in the image.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Also I will be checking back so if more information would be helpful just let me know what you need.

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This can be a complex issue.  The first thing to try as a test is to double the size of your layered image defined in the template and see if it publishes.  If it does you can try smaller increases until you find what works.


Do you use an offload compositing connector?  If you can and you aren't try that as well.  In looking through our internal slack I see different reasons expressed for this with the above suggestions.


You can also work though this process it may help.






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