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Windows Defender for endpoint tips on shared desktops

Tyd Ros


Hello all,


Does anyone have any tips for installing Windows Defender for endpoint on shared 2019 desktop machines? (published full desktop)  I see allot of articles for non persistent tips like this: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-defender-for-endpoint/configuring-microsoft-defender-antivirus-for-non-persistent-vdi/ba-p/1489633


However, we are using persistent profiles with FSlogix.


For example, it sounds like you have to simply  onboard it manually with a script from the defender web site (since you cant enroll a server in intune), and then set your exclusions as you normally would. 


Since Defender appears to be user based how does one not have a user use up all of there devices (limit of 5) when bouncing between servers that have defender?



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