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LoadBalancing Method - All traffic to member1 and failover to member2 if member fail

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My question sounds easy but I couldn't find out a good solution regarding the request I have received. 


VirtualServer1 is binded to ServiceGroup1 with 2 members (server1+ server2).


I want all the connexion to go to sever1, none to server2 . If member1 is down, I want all the traffic to member2. 


I thought I could play with RoundRobin and add different weight to server1 and server2 but if i put server1 weight=100 and server2=1 it's still 1..... and If i'm correct, i can put 0, but no connexion will reach this server. Unless server1 is down?


Thank you for you help


Regards, Mathieu



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49 minutes ago, Julian Jakob said:

Hi Mathieu,


you're looking for the protection feature. Create a separate LB only linked to ServiceGroup2 with Member Server2. Link that LB as a backup vServer in your LB1, so all traffic will automatically redirected to LB2 if the member of LB1 goes down.







Thank you Julian for your Feedback,


I already thought about this solution. I use it for a maintenance webpage for another application butI was wondering if there was another way to do it?


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Julian is right in that the Protection feature is the most straightforward method of doing what you describe you need to achieve.


Having both your backend servers in a single ServiceGroup is likely the biggest issue.  The point of the Service Group is that the servers are treated the same.

If you split the servers into seperate Services or Groups you could use LB Virtual Server Backup Protection or Priority Load Balancing to acheive the same.

(Priority Load Balancing is a Content Switch with the seperate Services defined).

Or, you could use Active/Passive GSLB if it's web based, but all of these require the two backend servers to be defined in their own LB Service/ServiceGroup.

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