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Connection issues with offline domain controller

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Hello all,


We have the following situation, 


We have 6 domain controllers, when we turn 1 off (doesn't matter which) after a few minutes we have trouble setting up new connections to our vdi's, when the dc comes back all the vdi's work again.

On the gateway we are using a loadbalancer with all 6 of the dc's and see no issues there, replication also is working correctly.

We are suspecting there is something being cached somewhere, but have not found this so far, anyone has any pointers?

This behaviour is seen from external connections only, from our thin clients and vpn laptops we see no issues.


As a mitigation we have edited "Set-BrokerSite -DnsResolutionEnabled" and turned this from 1 to 0.


The errors we are seeing on the clients side are socket error 10038 and 10051 mainly.


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