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User Profiles from Citrix Users created on FAS Servers


We have two Windows 2019 server running both FAS 2203 LTSR and MS Subordinate CA. These servers are part of SAML configuration using Okta where users are accessing and open apps fine via ADC 13.1 cluster.


I have stumbled across what I think is an issue where user folders approx 47.5 MB in size are being created under the C:\Users folder on each FAS server? The approx size of the C:\Users\ folder on each server is 25GB+ and 32 GB+ as we have approx 650 users. The available space on the system drive of one server is down to approx 4GB and I suspect will run out soon. 


Is it normal to have all these user profiles being created across both of the FAS servers? If I am not mistaken the FAS/CA servers are used to issue certificates / authenticate users through to Storefront and users are not actually logging onto the FAS server. 


The path to user store for user profiles is configured to use an entirely different path / network share and is working as expected.


Any thoughts what could be causing this?

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Hello Hello ?


This, I have not seen happen on FAS before, it is however something that happens on StoreFront if you use the password reset setting. Citrix have some references to the issue

But it happening on FAS is a new one - have not seen this occur in other environments


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Hi James ?


There are user profiles on the SF servers however the total number and size is approximately 1/4 in comparision. See graph attached which includes the size of the shared network location of the user store .


The most recent date stamp of the user profile folders on our SF servers was around the time we changed authentication on remaining ADC cluster to use SAML authentication. i.e. first week in October 2022.


The earliest create date of user profile folders on one FAS server is 3 days after we cutover to use the new FAS Servers (late June 2022). On the other FAS server the earliest user profile folder date stamp is the first week in December 2022?




User Profile Sizes.png

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