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Citrix User personalization Layer design

Ghisoiu Cornel


Citrix User personalization Layer is a nice add-on that allows much more flexibility for non persistent machines.
However, what happens when the user profile is corrupt (not the disk, just windows profile)
You need to manually (or by script) mount the disk , load the PUEPTemplate.hive into HLKM, to remove all trace in the HKLM......ProfileList about the user profile location and after remove C:\Users\%username%.
Since Citrix does not provide a way to reset the profile inside the UPL, same like for UPM from Director, you need to have another profile solution alongside this one to be on the safe side, either FSLogix or UPM...., otherwise the helpdesk guys will just remove the UPL disk when a corruption happens in the user profile.
As nice as the solution is (we also use it), I find this point a big problem when it comes to management.
Also Citrix has no official documentation about how this is done correctly, in fact if I search PUEPTemplate.hive in google, I get 3-4 results :), therefore inhouse scripts must be made and provided to helpdesk guys to manage the solution.
Would have been nice if Director would recognize the solution and have the reset option for both Citrix UPM and UPL.

If this would be possible, you would not need to consider another profile solution, and simply use UPL as personalization and profile layer, without the need of manual or by script manage the profiles inside the disk.


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