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Workspace HTML on Chromebooks - managed guest accounts

Jesse Cowan


We have some managed Chromebooks (via Google Workspace) that I would like to deploy to staff for remote work, but under the following conditions:

  • Chromebook is configured to boot straight to a (managed) guest account
  • I'd like for them to be able to simply launch Chrome, hit our cloud store address, and log in
  • Avoid/restrict usage of Google accounts on Chromebooks and only use managed guest accounts mentioned above. This will avoid IT staff having to set up managed Google Workspace accounts for them to log on to the Chromebook with, and also avoid having to pay for the managed Google accounts.


The problem is: by default, when they log in to Chrome, it doesn't even ask if they want to use web/HTML or Workspace app, it just defaults to Workspace App, and if you try to launch an app or desktop in that mode it downloads an unusable .ics file, because the Workspace app isn't installed.


It would be useable if it prompted users for web vs full app each time, and users could just click web version and continue on their way, but they don't even get that prompt. And if, once logged in, they do manually set it to web rather than workspace app, the setting will get cleared once they log out & back in, or reboot the Chromebook.


Can anyone think of a way around this? Using Chrome/HTML on Chromebook guest accounts?

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Hi @Jesse Cowan-  this is totally possible. If you are still looking for a solution for this, please try below


- Login to your Citrix Cloud account > Workspace Configuration > Customize > Preferences 

- Under Opening Apps and Desktops, select In a browser (see below screenshot)



- That's it from Citrix configuration side.


Let me know how it goes.


Many thanks,

Anil Kumar

PreSales Engineer, Citrix on Google ChromeOS



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