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Google Chrome broser login issues (not storing credentials)

Daniel Martinez1709157554




The enviroment is a Citrix Xen desktop 7.15 2106 and the VDA catalog machines of the the enviroment are Windows Server 2019 (I tried also in a Win server 2016 with the same results) and I'm using the Win server as a single desktop session.


I have configurated the Citrix platform by following this articles:



In summary:


  • I've installed Chrome by cmd using the msi installer.
  • I've configured the GPO ADMX chrome to activate the creation of roaming profile.pb file
  • I've configured the GPO ADMX chrome to set a path for the chrome user profile.pb to point into a shared folder
  • I've configurde the GPO ADMX chrome that disables any google chrome updates
  • I have configured in UPM from studio the following folders in the list of "folders to exclude"


!ctx_localappdata!\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache

!ctx_localappdata!\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cached Theme Images

!ctx_localappdata!\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\JumpListIcons

!ctx_localappdata!\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\JumpListIconsOld


After all the previous configurations I have noticed that the firs time that a user opens the chrome browser a "default" folder is created on the shared folder defined in the GPO and it contains the profile.pb file into it.


At that point I've noticed several issues:


  • Everytime the user opens a chrome browser he must enter his google account credentials (gmail, passord, 2af)... so they are not stored.
  • Every time the user logs into his google account, he is asked to activate the sync function, however the bookmarks, theme, etc are not imported from his google cloud account, and if he add new bookmarks, etc. they are not syncronized with his google cloud account.


This is incredibly anoying for the user as you can imagine.....


So after several tests I think that the main problem is that if you configure any kind of roaming profile by ADMX chrome GPOs to store the user preferences in the "profile.pb" file on a shared folder, then the google account will always be stored localy and thus it will not sync with the google cloud.


Maybe that is correct for some enviroments but not for us....


So, does anybody knows how can we use the google cloud sync without the need of configuring a profile.pb file in a shared folder?


Thanks in adavance!

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I will answer myself...


I've managed to nearly fix the issue by setting to "not configured" all the GPO's related to roaming profiles on the Chrome ADMX policies.


So now the user can log into his google account and it perfectly syncs with the cloud, also if he close the browser and then he reopen it, the browser will keep his credentials as well as his theme colour preferences.


There is only still one minor issue that is not fixed... The "syncronize" is not active when the user opens the browser, so he see his face on the user account icon, he can se any theme modification applied at the browser, however he can see his bookmarks... At the moment he does click on the sync button he activates the sync and all the bookmarks appear.


So now my problem consist into finding a way to pre-activate the sync function to avoid the user of having to activate it each time he opens the browser.

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