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RDS Licesing Model

Michael Wrinkle


I'm having the dickens of a time nailing done exact information we are getting ready to migrate from 2016 servers to 2019 with a smaller Citrix VDI solution we have in place. Originally we were told per Device but have had intermittent issues with apps Published from a virtual app server but don't ever remember RDS issues with Desktops.


Here is our environment 1912 LSTR CU5(to be CU 6 when we migrate servers)  

Nutanix Hypervisor 5.20 (to be upgraded to 6.5 later this year.

Access is routed through a pair of high availability ADC Gateways

MCS provisioning

We use both Win 10 virtual desktops and Virtual apps published from server 2016 virtual servers, sessions are non persistent with user profiles on the desktops folder redirected to a share for Citrix profiles on the Nutanix file shares. Desktop sessions are of course single session and Apps on servers are multi session.

Citrix Licensing is Apps and Desktops Advanced Concurrent Model


Citrix Engineers refuse to give me a straight answer citing third party for Microsoft I already now we need the licensing upgraded from 2016 to 2019 as 2016 cals are not backwards compatible but not certain on the RDS model needed from Microsoft, originally we were told per Device but most of what I glean out there says per User and for all I know in our situation maybe it's both.  Finally standard RDS deployment  offers to scenarios 1) Virtaul machine based desktop deployment 2 )Session based desktop deployment.  both of which sound like they may apply.


Can anyone help me nail this down please?!!


Thank you!


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