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FSLOGIX 2210 breaks Office Activation ??

Uwe Meyer



we use a Terminalserverfarm with Windows Server 2019, CVAD 2203 LTS and FSLOGIX.


Everything was going fine until we installed the latest version of FSLOGIX - the version 2210.

After that, when you start Office or Teams, the Microsoft login appears. After the access data has been entered here, the products work perfectly. But after logging out and logging back in, the MS login mask appears again when you start Team or Office. This was not the case with the old FSLOGIX versions.

After I then downgraded back to version 2.9.8228.50276, everything works fine again.

We use FSLOGIX with the ProfileContainer.

Does anyone happen to have the same problem? Or does someone know a solution?

Thank you for your support.





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Hi together

Our company had the same issue and we changed the "RoamIdentity" Key to one in: "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Apps".
We had to create the DWORD since it wasn't visible in the path before.

After the change we are still facing the same issue with 2.9.8440.42104 on Windows 2019 VDA with Citrix 1912 LSTR CU5.

Anyone facing the same issue?


Thanks and kind regards


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