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Upgrade Path XA 7.6 to latest version

Guillaume Bodin1709155484




I need to plan an upgrade from XA 7.6 LTSR  to the latest version. 

This version is not even listed in https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/upgrade.html ?


I know I will have to do a multi-hop upgrade. When checking the documentation : 

Latest version is 2212 which can upgrade from XA 7.15 LTSR CU5 or 1912 LTSR

1912 LTSR can be upgraded from 7.6 LTSR with or without CU


So my understanding is I will need a two-hop upgrade.

7.6  => 1912 => 2212


Is there any specific point I should be very careful with appart from just doign classical upgrade. Is there anything (functionality, protocol ...) the customer might loose after the end of the process. 7.6 is getting quite old ! Their set up is quite basic.


Workspace app : 

Am I forced to perform an upgrade of either Receiver/workspace app and/or VDA before or during the process? Will the new core components be able to handle old versions. (The documentation only says : Citrix Workspace app is compatible with all the currently supported versions of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop, Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service). Which doesn't really help).

My information is that the local admin has the last workspace app version and it works fine with 7.6. Should I rthen upgrade all machines with the latest workspace app before anything. Opposite question, will an old receiver be able to function with 2212 version ?


VDA : 

On this matter I didn't find the compatibility matrix. Do we need to upgrade all VDA / Master / pool to 1912 before proceeding with upgrading to 2212 ?


Netscaler : They are on 10.0 Build 69.4 (upgrade planned afterward), is that a concern upgradewise?


I think that's all for the moment ?


Thank you very much for any additionnel information you may have.







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