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MacOS Citrix Workspace, not scaling fullscreen properly

Kajetan Jaszczak


Hello Community,

Since today, my Citrix virtual desktops are somewhat broken when I try to use a fullscreen. Issue in attached screenshot.

Whenever I resize my virtual desktop to use bigger window, after some point (almost full screen) it greys out right side, creating "dull" space. Same goes if I enter full screen mode, it cuts grey area from the window, making it smaller in the event, as you can see on the screenshot. I thought that's VDI related, but I'm using different clients and different servers, and all have same problem so it must be my Mac related.

My specs are - MacOS MacBook Air on M1, connected to LG Ultrafine 5K (5K resolution), OS updated to latest Ventura 13.2. Installed newest Citrix Workspace app Version: (2301), enabled native M1 support, still the same. 

I can confirm it was working earlier, without any issues, so I wouldn't blame high 5K res on the problem.

Appreciate any help.

Best Regards, 

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 9.43.02 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 9.46.34 PM.png

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