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How to use Citrix Optimizer in WEM

Martin von Hessert


Hi everyone,

I would like to use Citrix Optimizer in WEM. However, I am not quite clear how to select the correct template. The option "Automatic Select Templates to Use" is clear to me. But what do I have to do if I don't want to use the option and want to use a very specific or custom template? There is no possibility to select a template. Or do I just have to deactivate all other templates?


Thanks for your help

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If you only enable a single optimize policy, then machines that are added to that configuration set will just get that policy.  I did this for my Server 2022 image because there wasn't a defining version number for that in the existing drop down lists.


If you have multiple types of devices, like Win10 and Server 2022, added to the same Configuration Set, and need different optimizations for each, then you enable the Automatically select template to use.  


If the OS version number isn't listed in the drop down list, just add it to the Applicable OSs text box to match up to  that build number.


Then you would select the various templates that would apply.  WEM reads the build number and OS type (Desktop or Server) and then will pick between the selected applied templates.


If you want to guarantee that machines run on a particular Optimizer, create separate configuration sets for each os type and select just the single policy.

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Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

Now I have made a few tests.
I have deactivated all templates, except the server 2016 build 1607 template. For example, this template should also disable the "AllJoyn Router Service". 
But if I now go to the WEM console under "Administration -> Agents", select a server 2016 build 1607 test server and select "Process Citrix Optimizer", the AllJoyn Router Service will not be deactivated on the test server. But I see in the eventlog of the test server as well as with the Process Monitor that the Citrix Optimizer is doing something.

So what am I doing wrong?

WEM Version is 2212.





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