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netScalerLoginFailure-nsroot Citrix ADC SDX 15100-50

maulid Akaro

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What is the root cause of the following notification on VPX hosted on ADC SDX 15100-50, here it seems the news client try to use an APIPA IP address, I did not know where this error originated and how do I stop this notification every five minutes SDX got notification.

"Time : Jan 23 2023 14:38:07 GMT
Instance IP Address : 10.5.x.x
Host Name :
Category : netScalerLoginFailure
Severity : Major
FailureObject : nsroot
ADM IP Address : #ipaddress
Information : ns_client_ipaddress :, Entity : 200.150.x.x:netScalerLoginFailure:nsroot, User_name : nsroot, Device_family : ns "

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