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Best practices to upgrade my ADC 12.1

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Hello everyone,


I have ADC 12.1. 65.25.nc and I want to update to version 13 (maybe to fix another problem with DUO compatibility and AAA licence)


I can do the update to directly? Or I need to do 13.0 and later 13.1?


I check this post:  https://www.carlstalhood.com/system-configuration-citrix-adc-13/#upgrade


My file licence file has date 2020.0700 . I re-downloaded the licence file for my citrix account but the date is the same. I can't upgrade my firmware?


I need to check some regular expressions or anything else?


Thanks a lot

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5 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Have you been renewing your license support subscription every year?


You can go directly to 13.1. No need to go to 13.0 first.

Thanks for your reply Carl


Not, I don't have license support.

I can upgrade without license support?


Maybe I'll contact Citrix to take a licence support to help me with my issuw with DUO (you know......)  One week full work and don't find he issue. I thinks it's a simple stuff but I can't fix it ....:(

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If you PURCHASED a licence, then inside the licence file (it's textual) it will say "Perpetual", so it never expires. 


From a TECHNICAL perspective there should be no issues upgrading straight to 13.1 (but be aware that Classic Policies in the ADC have been killed off in 13.1, so make sure you aren't using any! Convert any to equivalent default policies / features)

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