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After upgrade netscaler to NS12.1: Build 65.21.nc, not able to connect WINSCP or putty

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After upgrading both netscaler (HA construction) I'm not able to connect with ssh or WINSCP.
Als HA sync is not working anymore.

Synchronization State FAILED ( Unable to fetch configuration from primary, check ns.log for reason)


Also we get not autorised when we want to look at the log files (We are logged on with nsroot)
<div style="color: red; margin: 10px" title="More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Please contact the server administrator">An internal server error was encountered</div>{"errorcode":"2138","message":"Not authorized to execute this command","severity":"ERROR"}

Before upgrading to NS12.1: Build 65.21.nc, HA state was good, also I was able to connect with ssh or WINSCP to both nodes

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