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Correct a bad score on securityheaders.com for AAA?

Sandy Williams

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Stumbled on this blog which seems very detailed about how to get an A on securityheaders.com 



Unfortunately I keep getting a B score following all these steps but I have by rewrite policies assigned to Content Switch and AAA VIP's not Gateway.


I did an nstrace and looked at it and I see my header insertions in a 302 object moved HTTP packet but the 200 OK packet below it I do not see the header insertions. The CSP content that the securityheaders site shows me only show the default Citrix CSP content and not the custom ones I added with the rewrite as well as the Cross-Origin* headers in the above mentioned article that I inserted don’t show up either on the results page.  Basically securityheaders.com isn't seeing the headers that I'm inserting.

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