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Session moved Issue

Manoj Rana

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I have a load balancer. There are 2 servers behind.

The requirement is I would like to Stay on the same server all the time.  The iis app doesn't like to move the user session and logged off the user.


I would like to know how can I achieve this. Try session Persistence but seems not working.


Any help much be appreciated 




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Persistence is usually the way; SourceIP persistence with long idle timeout (max session 1440 min aka 24 hours).


Cookie Insert might work IF you can guarantee cookies are being set; change to v1, and set either max idle timeout 24 hours or set timeout to 0 seconds and it will last browser session instead.


View the persistence table on the ADC to determine if persistence is tracking what you expect.


If its not working, you might need to see if the web is doing anything unusual or you have requests that are unhandled.

Is your app crossing protocols like both HTTP and HTTPS?  Is it web-based or web-services based?

You might need to compare a network trace from the client to a trace from the adc to see if there is something else going on. Also look at web transaction logs from the server to see if anything else unexpected is occurring. I would make sure caching is off on the ADC until you figure out why persistence is not working in this case.

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