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Windows 10 21H2 - VDA 1912 LTSR CU6 - AppLayering MCS Image - some VMs hang on shut down after logoff / disconnect timeout

Matthew Weiner


I've had this problem from all the way back in my initial 1912 LTSR deployment and it seems to get slightly better but never goes away, I have a system service I wrote that uses PowerShell scripts to resolve it.  Figured before I open a case and go down that rabbit hole I'd see if someone else has had a similar issue and resolved it.   It's survived Windows version changes, new versions of the VDA, Hypervisor changes, antivirus changes, this problem just will not go away.


We're using non-persistent VDAs on Hypervisor 8.2.  The system runs normally and once people log off sometimes for some people the system can't shut the VMs down to clean them back to their original state.  Going on to look at the console it's got the spinning wheel with the user name and "shutting down" - it has zero disk activity, nearly zero network activity, and moderate consistent CPU.  It makes me think something's hung up, like a service or something, but I can't get into it to do any remote diagnostics when it's in that state, and of course being non-persistent the data about the shutdown is lost once it gets cleared out by the service I wrote that eventually tells the controller to just hard bounce the VM to get it back to a ready state.


If anyone has seen anything like this and can offer me any suggestions to get this taken care of I'd appreciate it.  Otherwise this may be a very challenging support case as I thought CU6 would be my long-awaited solution to this issue, but it's not.

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