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StoreFront asks if the App should be opened or added to Favorites

Marcel Zunnebeld


Hello everyone,

I am having a problem opening a Published App or Desktop via the NetScaler Gateway URL. As soon as I start the Desktop or Published App, I am asked if I want to open the App (in this example Notepad) or add it to the favorites.
Within StoreFront I have already added the external Gateway URL within 'Manage Receiver for WebSites' as website shortcut and also disabled 'Prompt for untrusted shortcuts'.

The authentication options on the store are: Username and Password, Domain pass-through, HTTP Basic and Pass-through from Citrix Gateway.
The user subscriptions are Enabled.

Authentication to the Store is done via the NetScaler based on SAML authentication between Citrix and Microsoft with Azure MFA.
Does anyone have any idea what could be the cause of this message?


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Hi Carl, the client app in this case is the Liquit Agent (https://liquit.com/). But with MS-Edge and Chrome I have the same issue.

Liquit can integrate with Citrix to offer Citrix Published Apps through the Liquit Agent.

For this integration, a StoreFront connector must be set up for which a custom script.js is placed within StoreFront in the \CitrixStoreWeb\custom directory, HTTP basic is added as an authentication method on the store, 'Prompt for untrusted shortcuts' is disabled and two Rewrite policies are added to the NetScaler gateway virtual server: 





All steps described by Liquit have been applied. 

Liquit support has not yet found a solution and also indicates that the cause must be sought within Citrix.

The strange thing is that on a TEST environment everything works, but on the Production environment the StoreFront message appears as in the screenshot. The production environment is set up exactly the same as the test environment.

Because the message is a StoreFront message, I think the cause must also be sought within StoreFront. I think it's somewhere in the custom script.js but I'm not sure. I added that custom script.js as an attachment, maybe you or someone else sees something strange in it?



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Hi Jeff,
Unfortunately this makes no difference. I have now seen that the 'open' message only appears when using the URL generated under App Shortcuts ('Manage Receiver for WebSites' - 'Website Shortcuts' - 'Get shortcuts' ) See screenshot.
If I log in to the /Citrix/StoreWEB and then click on the desktop, it starts immediately (so without the 'open' message)

I suspect that the String after /#/launch/ is not correct. Is there a way to regenerate that string?

App Shortcuts.png

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