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Custom Settings from 3DConnexion lost

Alexander Röser


We're using some CAD-Peripherals (for e.g. 3DConnexion SpacePilot / SpaceMouse) which are working quite nicely.

Some usere are using custom Makros/Commands for some keys. The settings are stored in XML-Files in the Profile but sometimes the 3DXWare does not accept the files and does not load the custom config. 

Since our users are aware of this problem they're exporting their configs and importing them manually on start - not very userfriendly.

We're searching for a solution to automate this, since 3DConnexion is not very willing to help here.  

Does anyone know if there's a cmd for importing / exporting the settings or does anyone have a similar problem?

We're using FSLogix on pooled nonpersistent Win10-Desktops. 

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Hi Alexander, 


You say it 3DXWare sometimes doesn't accept these files, when it doesn't work the files contain the correct settings or is it empty/corrupted at that moment?

Did you try this: https://3dconnexion.com/uk/support/faq/how-to-synchronize-3dxware-settings-between-multiple-machines-windows/? Here you can select for example the Home drive of the user. 


hope this helps.


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