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Netscaler: remote_user authentcation via reverse proxy?

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Is possible to force authentication for specific services proxied by Netscaler and to put the authenticated user as HTTP header (REMOTE_USER / x-forwarded-user)?


It's quite a common SSO pattern to expect the authenticated user name send in the request from the reverse proxy (in this case Netscaler) but we can't find any doc or how to set this up.


Thanks for any feedback

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Thanks for your prompt feedback,

the linked page describes how to do the authentication but how to set a http header (e.g. x-forwarded-user)?


Use cases:
* Grafana https://community.grafana.com/t/how-to-use-auth-proxy-with-nginx/2257/6

* Alfresco External Auth https://docs.alfresco.com/content-services/6.2/admin/auth-sync/#configure-external-authentication

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