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COOKIEINSERT persistence - doesnt work

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Hi .

Working on a Netscaler running : build-12.1-64.16_nc_64.

On one the vservers I have activated COOKIEINSERT .

But, for some reason, a client who is using the vserver, his username is getting dropped-

Tried to follow best practices, but it didn`t helped.


Anyone had same issue with cookieinsert  ? Or are aware of some special setting around cookieinsertæ

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Which browser on which device type?  

Also, under your Global System Settings > HTTP Parameters the cookie version defaults to v0 and usually needs to be set to v1.

v0 cookies are set with an absolute timestamp; v1 are set with a relative time stamp aka 120 seconds (for a 2 minute timeout as an example).

If the client device clock is wrong compared to the ADC, then the v0 cookie may be expired when set and dropped because the client clock is wrong; whereas the v1 cookie is always good for X seconds based on the timeout set.


Most common issues with cookie insert is 1) the device in use prevents or doesn't set a cookie at all (like mobile devices browsers in some cases) OR 2) the v0 cookie is in use and the client device time is wrong compared to the ADC and the cookie expires.


Change cookie version to v1 OR change persistence to sourceip instead of cookie insert.

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