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Routing MEP Internally and Monitor Consideration

Ozzy Osman

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Citrix Cloud is used to replace the DDCs/Database but everything else is on-prem (SF + ADC).


For my GSLB setup, the MEP is routed internally. The way the setup is configured currently is each local GSLB service has 3 monitors attached to it:

   1. StoreFront intelligent monitor for the local StoreFront store.

   2. STA monitor for the local cloud connectors.

   3. An internet "ping" monitor to Google/CloudFlare DNS to ensure that each local site can access the internet.


The remote GSLB services do not have any monitors attached to them.


So basically, each local site is responsible for monitoring it's own local components (plus internet ping test) and MEP is responsible to alert the other sites if there is an issue with a remote site monitor. Is this monitor setup good or is there anything else that I should consider?



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It's OK so far.


I usually don't use a ping monitor like you do, instead, I monitor the other site "from outside", so I would create an SSL monitor with the public IP of the remote side and bind it to the GSLB service. That way, you would keep your services up for internal use, at the same time, the GSLB site would go down as soon as the internet connection of the site goes down.


You could argue, both sides will "think" the remote site is down. That's true, but each site will know, it's up and have the remote site down. So the GSLB server on site A will show Service A up, service B down, the GSLB server on site B will show site B up, site A down. If a request comes in on site A, it will reply with site A's IP. If the request hits site B, it will reply with site B's IP. The DNS request will only hit the site with good connection ?

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