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Office 2019 with fslogix and CVAD 2203 CU2 showes "Account repair" under options


On every start of one of the office-products (published app or desktop) under options->office-account there is a message which says that all of our users have to repair my account.

(see attachment)

Everything works fine, office is activated and ms account is signed in. But what can I do to disable the repair message ?


We are running Server 2019 with Office 2019 (not Office 365) and fslogix (only for outlook).

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Thx Jeff but we are still on 2.9.8228.50276 of fslogix with its current ADMX/ADML files. We do not have problems with office activation (it's correctly activated).

The only thing is, that the above message appears on every new start of Word/Excel/Outlook. There are no restrictions - everything works fine but still this message appears.

This message comes up since we have enabled Office signin in the GPO: "Block signing into Office" -> disabled.


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I've seen this article and if I remove the whole regkey 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Office > 16.0 > Common > Identity

And open Excel/Word/Outlook without logging off, the message disappears.


So I removed the key in the ntuser.dat of the user and logged in again. But still the message appears.


Strange - it must have something to do with the key and I think a GPO setting which creates the key. 

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We've checked out any app on the system without to be successfull. But what I've seen is, that a non multisession system (Windows 11 CDI) with same apps and GPOs  and also fslogix does not have the issue. Office account is correctly signed in and no account error occurs. Strange. Seems that this only happens multisession hosts (Server 2019 and 2022).



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@jeff riechers 


We use KMS for Office 2019.


FSLogix is only used for O365. No regkey settings are stored here.


For my understandings -  I think excluding the whole reghive "HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Office > 16.0 > Common > Identity" on logon is the same as removing these two regkeys on logoff:






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