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Microsoft Edge Installed on VDA


Hello, I would like you to guide me a bit to virtualize applications with Microsoft Edge.


We currently have a server farm with version 7.15 CU5 LTSR and the company applications are virtualized with Internet Explorer (IE) and we need them to be virtualized with Edge, but we need to block some browser functionality like the address bar.


Has anyone of you been able to do this in your environment?



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1 hour ago, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

Kiosk mode should get you part of what you need.  There are a ton of GPO configuration you can do on the Edge browser to tweak it additionally as needed.





Hello, I have seen the kiosk mode, but the only bad thing about this solution is that it uses the full screen and not in windowed mode as IE does, that's why I'm finding out if something similar could be done.


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