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Citrix ADC VPX in Azure

Charlie Ting

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Anyone has configured ADC VPX in Azure? Currently I have two data centers running pair of ADC each site setup with GSLB. Looking at the option of migrating it in Azure and setup GSLB between two regions. We have ExpressRoute between Azure and on-prem.  Questions

1. Is the GSLB setup in Azure capable of fetching the DNS requests from on-prem AD DNS

2. Is the external facing LB application in the Azure ADC using Azure Public IP address to accept client requests or can it use our company's owned Public IP Addressing?

3. Is Azure ADC capable of configuring different VLAN for different apps that require load balancing? eg. App#1 uses for VIP and for SNIP and App#2 uses for VIP and for SNIP

4. Any known limitations of setting it up with on-prem Citrix infrastructure?

5. Any obvious limitations on Azure ADC vs on-prem ADC?



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1. GSLB doesn't normally fetch DNS. Instead, GSLB is either authoritative DNS, or it is inline with DNS Proxy, which can go to on-prem DNS servers.

2. You can use a third-party firewall to perform NAT. Or you can let an Azure Load Balancer or Azure Firewall or Azure Public IP do the public IP NAT.

3. You can connect a NetScaler to multiple subnets. The default NetScaler in the marketplace has three NICs.

4. It's the same functionality as on-prem except that Layer 2 features don't work. High Availability is one of those Layer 2 features. In Azure, HA works differently.

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