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Question on LHC with DaaS

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Need some help with LHC. So we have on-prem gateways and on-prem storefronts. LHC is enabled as per Citrix document. 
https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-daas/manage-deployment/local-host-cache.html#:~:text=Local Host Cache enables connection,is lost for 60 seconds.


We have Site A and Site B. Each has a separate internet connection, gateway and storefront. At the moment, if Site A has an internet outage, users can no longer connect via the gateway in Site A as a cloud connector in outage mode cannot be used to broker connections via Site B's gateway as per Citrix doc above. So am i able to place 1 cloud connector from Site A and one from Site B in the same resource location and vice versa to avoid this problem? Not sure if that's supported or not or the implications of doing so e.g. if Site A's cloud connector loses internet connection, will Site B's cloud connector re-register the VDAs from Site A and users are able to connect again?


When we did a DR test recently by cutting off site A's internet connection, the cloud connectors and the gateway lost connection, so it's a bit of a double whammy. remote users cannot use Site A's gateway as no internet, and Site A's cloud connectors go into outage mode as they also have lost connection. I know this will work internally, e.g. user goes to storefront internally in site A, but obviously not remotely.


Users tried to access site A's VDAs via Site B's gateway, and that did not work. Confusing i know, but need setting up the correct resiliency.  What has caught me out here is that when things were on-prem before we moved to cloud, you could connect via Site B's gateway to VDA's in site A, as the DB was on-prem. Now this is not supported it seems, so this isn't great.



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